Wierzynek Restaurant opens its doors to you, inviting you to the interior of a historic tenement house located in the very center of the Old Town – the largest medieval market in Europe. This place is surrounded by several hundred years old Krakow monuments: St. Florian’s Gate, St. Mary’s Church, St. Wojciech, the Cloth Hall and the Town Hall Tower. Sumptuously set tables are accompanied by the opportunity to admire the richness of our historic interiors.

Wierzynek Champagne Bar

Wierzynek Champagne Bar has been designed for guests who take delight in the subtle flavor and delicate aroma of the highest quality liquors. This remarkable place alludes to the royal tradition of drinking champagne during special occasions. Luxury drinks, exquisite interior, exceptional atmosphere – that’s what Wierzynek Champagne Bar stands for!

Wierzynek room

In the acknowledged Wierzynek Room you can admire a remarkable replica of a 19th century painting “The Feast at Wierzynek” by Bronisław Abramowicz. Furthermore, you will be enchanted with one of a kind original cordovans, hand-made with artistry and masterful fineness. This unique masterpieces were made according to historical production technology from the turn-of-the-17th and 18th-century, using natural vegetable-tanned calf leather with  the layer of genuine silver flake and decorated with gilding effect – they are complementing the atmosphere of the royal feast perfectly.

Column room

The interiors of the Column Room, inspired by Doric order, are adorned with classical columns in ancient style, carved coffers and subtle paintings. This room enraptures our guests due to its unique décor and great window view at the Main Market Square.

Clock room

The Clock Room opens its doors to a cosy interior, where the walls are full of mysterious and antic pendulum clocks. Here the time has stopped literally and figuratively. Above them all reigns an original painting by Polish graphic designer Rafał Olbiński with its modern interpretation of the famous feast at Wierzynek.

Krakow room

The atmosphere of the Krakow Room is distinguished by history and royal heritage of the City of Kings. The walls of this chamber are embellished with spectacular landscape paintings and cordovans made with artistic fineness, featuring the Krakow’s old times, filled with legends and mysteries.

Renaissance Room

Arriving on the 2nd floor, you can find the Renaissance Room, which is frequently used as a business meeting room. Here you can admire a splendid interior full of delicate classic ornaments and shiny brass wall lamps. This room is also very often used as a conference or professional training venue.

Pompeian rooms

The beautiful Pompeian Rooms, Large and Small, both covered in frescos, captivate our guests each time. Amazing flower compositions, arabesques, generic scenes as well as an abundance of golden candelabrums and mirrors create the vibrant atmosphere of both interiors. Newlyweds often choose these rooms as a perfect place for a wedding reception.