The legend of Wierzynek

Wierzynek Restaurant is a very unique venue on the map of Poland, where 650-year-old tradition of feasting and modern approach to the culinary arts meet!


Over 650 years ago in 1364, wealthy merchant Mikołaj Wierzynek hosted a splendid feast for the monarchs of Europe on behalf of the Polish King Casimir the Great. Wierzynek undertook the task of hosting the feast with great care and overwhelmed his noble guests with a truly lavish welcome. 

According to legend the tables were groaning with food and drinks and the guests celebrated for 20 days and nights. Upon departure, the generous merchant presented each guest with a splendid gift – gold and silver tableware. At the Wierzynek Restaurant we continue this great medieval tradition of feasting until the present day by giving a royal welcome to each and every one of our guests


Wierzynek’s cuisine approach the essence of Slow Food – we offer our guests a unique combination  of royal art of feasting and the highest quality of organic products from local suppliers. Every day our chefs fill tables with savory meats, fresh fish, traditional groats, pates, dumplings and wild mushroom compositions. Wierzynek Restaurant is the best choice, if you would like to try dishes prepared according to old Polish royal court and indulge in the experience of historic flavours.

To complement the feast, we created a special collection of alcohols offered by Wierzynek Champagne Bar. We also invite you to join our fairyland of sweet fantasies, where you can experience the royal taste of chocolate. Luxury pralines and truffles, chocolate figurines and colourful macarons – all handmade with master artisanal techniques by our chocolatiers.